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If you are the parent of an autistic child, Enrichment Therapy and Learning Center, PC is the right place for high-quality therapy for autism in Coralville, IA. Our language specialists and therapists provide the greatest standard of care for our autistic children, and provide tangible results that help them achieve academic and scholastic success. That success is translated into lifetime skills that they benefit from well into adulthood.

Our child development programs for autistic children include all of the most popular and necessary academic disciplines, all addressed in a positive, rewarding environment that will help your child feel more confident and secure. Our therapy programs for autistic children include the following subjects:

• Math—We increase focus on problem solving and logical thinking while using real-world examples. We expand your child’s understanding of numbers in a way that makes math fun.

• Speech—Our speech pathologists use the very latest developments in speech development to help children communicate better and more confidently.

• Language Comprehension—The ability to effectively comprehend and use verbally expressed information is an incredibly important part of growth for autistic children, and one that we place particular emphasis on.

• Reading¬—We take our autistic children through the steps of learning how to read at their own pace, and with lots of positive reinforcement along the way.

All of these together form the backbone of a very solid approach for therapy that autistic children benefit from greatly in their growth and development into healthy, happy adults. We offer special programs to assist with autistic children that also have ADD, so visit us and find out how we can help your child!

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